Why Every Expecting Mother Must Eat Cashew Nuts Daily

Hello to all pregnant ladies in Watford! Nutrition is a big deal during pregnancy. Your baby depends on you for his or her nutritional requirements. That’s why pregnant ladies should eat nothing but healthy. When you eat healthy, it helps your baby to have proper growth and development. Speaking of the baby’s well-being, now can get your baby’s full health report from an ultrasound baby scan clinic.

Nuts are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. Out of all the nuts, cashew nuts are considered one of the healthiest snacks for pregnant women. Cashew nuts are indeed good for you during pregnancy.

Here’s why every expecting mother must eat cashew nuts daily.

Good for increasing weight

If you’re underweight during pregnancy, then cashews are going to be of great help. Cashew nuts contain a healthy amount of good fats so consume them for a proper body weight. 

Prevents constipation

Constipation is a common event during pregnancy. Due to the high fibre content in cashews, they prove to be the best for preventing constipation.

Fights anaemia

Many women suffer from anaemia during their pregnancy. To avoid anaemia, you should consider consuming cashew nuts as they are high in iron, a vital mineral responsible for red blood cell production. 

Prevents birth defects

Cashews have folate in them, an essential vitamin responsible for healthy pregnancies. Folate helps in keeping congenital defects, like spina bifida at bay.

Great for dental health

Since you’re pregnant, you understand what your oral health is dealing with right now. Bleeding gums and cavities have become inevitable. Including cashews in your pregnancy diet can be good for your dental health as cashews prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

Reduces allergies

Studies suggest that consumption of cashew nuts during pregnancy can help in reducing the risk of allergies in the baby.

You can consume cashews in different forms - raw, nut butter, and milk. Toss some cashew nuts in your breakfast cereals, pancakes, and desserts.

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