Things To Remember Before Visiting USG Scan Clinic For Fetal Health Check Scan

Hi, beautiful pregnant ladies of Watford! Hope you’re doing well and staying in your home and only stepping out to visit your ultrasound baby scan clinic for getting early pregnancy scans

Since the entire UK is in lockdown due to COVID-19, we are forced to stay at our homes. Staying at home for n number of days is really devastating and boring. I’m sure you agree with me too. So, to help you overcome boredom, I’ll share some fun activities that you can do while being on home quarantine. Let’s take a look at them. 

Get a nice massage 

Who does not love a nice therapeutic massage, huh? Surely, we all do! Tell your partner to give you a mesmerizing head, neck or body massage because you deserve special treatment during pregnancy, Queen! 

Play indoor games 

Since you are staying indoors, how can you not play indoor games? Here are some amazing indoor games to play if you’re home quarantined with your partner: 
  • Ludo 
  • Carrom 
  • Chess 
  • Dumb Charades 
  • Truth Or Dare 
  • Pictionary 
  • Scrabble 
  • Monopoly 
  • Poker 
The list is endless. Choose the one you and your partner like and enjoy the most! 

Look at old photo albums 

Now’s the perfect time to reminisce old days and memories. Get drowned in nostalgia by viewing your old photo albums. 

Sew face masks 

Almost everyone needs a face mask right now. Our frontline workers need them more than us. We are already short of face masks so instead of hoarding masks from outside, make your own homemade face mask from scratch. You’ll find many DIY face mask tutorials on YouTube, so it’s time to take out your sewing kit! 

Have a cooking competition with your partner 

Ladies, you won’t get this opportunity ever again! Have a cooking competition with your partner and let me know in the comment section that who won! 

I hope you liked this blog. Be safe and be hygienic. You can book your fetal health check scans from Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Watford.


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